Emilie Kolb - Promoting German cultural exchange

Emilie Kolb

Native of Austria
German and English speaker
Experienced researcher
Tutor with university experience
Global approach, personal service
Promoting German cultural exchange


Emilie gained her arts degree at the University of Vienna where she studied German, philosophy, psychology and education.

Experienced Tutor

Emilie has extensive experience in teaching the German language: she has been a tutor, lecturer and course coordinator in German studies at all the major public universities in Sydney, including the University of Sydney; a tutor at the Goethe Institute (Sydney); a tutor and examiner for university entry exams in Vienna; a tutor in German to diplomats and company employees preparing for overseas assignments. 

Language Course Development

She has been in charge of developing skills-specific courses in German for various industries in Vienna and is the co-author of a number of teaching materials on teaching German as foreign language.

Experienced Researcher

Emilie has been a research assistant for several books detailing the German-Australian connection, and has worked in the German archives on family history for clients. 


In the course of her research work, Emilie has been heavily involved in German-to-English translation and has also worked independently as a translator. 

Script Writing

Emilie is also working with the award-winning playwright and author Timothy Daly on an original German-language feature film script.